The illusion of a blue sky / 16 mm to HD / 3 Canal Installation / 5.1. Sound / 15 min / in development

The street as a tool of resistance.The illusion of a blue sky studies mechanismen of protest and resistance movements refering to the current political changements and intentions to restrict the right of assembly. The work deals also with the mobility and impulses of protest and the way how this antagonism in the movements are organised and constructed. The title refers to the term unter freiem Himmel which means that protests in public spaces can be restricted. Analyses of different meanings, origins and deductions of the word resistere are intermediate parts in the installation.

The latin word resistere.

re- + sistere

To resist.

To withstand.

To endure.

(A) to offer resistance
B) withstand, to overcome

2) figuratively: resist
A) sustain
B) endure, hold out

4) sit out
5) outlive