Ideen kann man nicht erschießen / Dia Positivs / C-Prints / Archival Material / 2019 - ongoing

Two photographs taken at the demonstration against the first rally of a new far right movement in Austria. Protesters prevent the march of the far rights by Civil disobedience. The two images show different moments during the protest and reflect on the intermediate of political movements, ideas, capital and historical places. The one image appears as if the police protects the bankmachine from the protesters. Another one shows a one way track (Einbahnstraße) sign in the back and protesters on the foreground. They walk on a street behind the Kunsthistorische Museum Vienna straight towards the historical Vienna Ring Road. A street that was built after the Revolution 1848 on the spot where the former Glacis and city wall was placed. Once a diffision between the inside and the outside, the working class and the bourgeoisie it is still a place where to put historical and political requests.

Starting with these two photograps this work deals with the Viennese March Revolution of 1848. Photographic work of historic places, monuments and archives are combined with present (political) material. Influenced by Walter Benjamin words: "Vergangenes historisch artikulieren heißt nicht, es erkennen, ‚wie es denn eigentlich gewesen ist‘. Es heißt, sich einer Erinnerung bemächtigen, wie sie im Augenblick einer Gefahr aufblitzt.“ this work is an interconnection of memory, paths and history and askes how much of this revolutionary moment is still visible or influential in our political understanding and movement. It questions: how present is this moment of danger (still).
Based on the research for the cinematic work 'Die vergangenen Zukünfte'. Furthermore there will be a 3 Channel Installation based on the cinematic work.

This work is curently in development and will consist of various photographs, Dia-Positivs and archival materials.