IHRFF International Human Rights Film Festival, Albania, 2022

19-24.September 2022
'Die vergangenen Zukünfte' at the IHRFF International Human Rights Film Festival in Tirana, 2022

IMPAKT Festival  - The Curse of Smooth Operations
, Netherlands, 2022

2 – 6. November, 2022
'Remapping the origins' at IMPAKT Shortfilmprogramm curated by Florian Wüst
with works by Peggy Ahwesh, Aleksandar Ilić, Johannes Gierlinger, Wang Yuyan

At the centre of the IMPAKT Festival 2022 stands a proposition: THE MOST DISSATISFYING TECHNOLOGY OF ALL IS THE ONE THAT WORKS. We all know the feeling of dissatisfaction with technology that underperforms, behaves unpredictably or breaks down completely. From 2 to 6 November 2022, IMPAKT Festival invites its audience to embark on a train of thought that travels in the opposite direction: could it be that technology reveals itself at its most dissatisfactory precisely when it operates well or even exceeds expectations?


35ème édition du Festival Les Instants Vidéo - Marseille / France, 2022

November 9 to 12, 2022
"In Platons Höhle?" screened at 35 edition of the Festival Les Instants Vidéo,
dedicated to video art and electronic poetry.

Kunst im Traklhaus - Exhibition of the Collection Land Salzburg 2020-2022, Austria, 2022

21. December 2022 – 4. February 2023
"eine bewusste Anstrengung nicht verzaubert zu werden" exhibition of the
Collection Land Salzburg Exhibiton 2020-2022 at Traklhaus Salzburg.


5.November, 2022, start at 2.pm.
'Chawani, bashi' & 'Die vergangenen Zukünfte' at the
LANGE NACHT DES FILMS - Experimental-, Animations-, Fiction- a. Documentaryfilm programm.