Österreich real. Dokumentarfilm 1981-2021, Publication Filmarchiv Austria

The publication 'Österreich real. Dokumentarfilm 1981-2021' focuses on this breadth of documentary filmmaking in Austria with 25 longer texts, around 50 vignettes (contemporary film reviews, interviews, film programs and texts by filmmakers) and around 250 film stills. Above all, the diversity of cinematic forms and approaches to reality should become visible in order to map the productive crises that documentary film has produced in Austria in precisely this diversity. Editor: Alejandro Bachmann, Michelle Koch, 2022

Kunst im Traklhaus - Exhibition of the Collection Land Salzburg 2020-2022, Austria

21. December 2022 – 4. February 2023
"eine bewusste Anstrengung nicht verzaubert zu werden"
Exhibtion of the Collection of the Federal Land Salzburg at Kunst im Traklhaus Salzburg.


Presentation of the Birgit-Jürgenssen Award Publication, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

20.April 2023 at 6 p.m at the Auditorium of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.
The Publication includes works and texts about the Birgit-Jürgenssen Award winners from 2014 to 2023.