'In Platons Höhle' at VIDEOAKTION #4 - Raum für drastische Maßnahmen Berlin, Germany

9-10 June 2023
VIDEOAKTION is organised by attaque(e)r le visible. Twice a year, it gives the opportunity to informally and non-competitively present new experiments with moving images and to put them up for discussion. The focus is on coming together, exchange, and, of course, on the question of the current condition of the experiment today and the possibilities of cinematic or media interventions in the visible.


Performance, Interventions & Installations in the framework of Viertelfestival Zwettl, Austria 

3. Juni, 19 p.m. Zwettl, Austria
Theatrical intervention 'Rindsrevue' in collaberation with and by Academy of Fine Brass, Flora Besenbäck, Sebastian Brauneis, Johannes Gierlinger, Georg Haider, Marlene Hauser, Juli Müllner, Johanna Steindl, Katarina Maria Trenk.