Baryt Print / 40x25 / Gravur / 2021

The starting point of the work 'Reviere' is an ancient statue over which the flags
of the Omladinska Radna Brigada wave. The statue is located in the City Museum
of Skopje, which was partially destroyed in the 1963 earthquake and left in its
semi-destroyed state. One of the most helpful collectives in rebuilding Skopje after
the earthquake was the Omladinska Radna Brigade, an organized voluntary working
group of young people in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The destroyed
part of the museum now acts as the first memorial to the disaster. The text engraved
into the glass, which casts its shadow depending on the incidence of light on the photo,
is a poetic reflection on the order and rearrangement of historical events, on the history
of destruction and construction. In this regard, the shadow of the text functions as an
inscription dependent and conditional on the light and perspective and refers to the
legibility and non-legibility of historical events.

Es beginnt mit der Ordnung der Bilder, der Neuordnung eines Ursprungs.
Durch neue Bilder die alte überdecken:
wie Parks, Straßen, Statuen, Denkmäler, Menschen.
Es beginnt mit der Geschichte einer Idee, eine Geschichte der noch
Lebenden und der nicht mehr Existierenden.
Es könnte heißen: Man beginnt wie immer mit dem Zweifel.
Es beginnt hier und anderswo. Mit der Sprache, den Wörtern, der Lyrik.
All das erinnert an ein lebhaftes Kind. All das erinnert an eine Brücke
und den Raum zwischen beiden Seiten.


It begins with the ordering of images, the remapping of the origins.
By new pictures that cover the old ones:
like parks, streets, statues, monuments, people.
It begins with the story of an idea, a story of those who are still living
and thise who no longer exist. It could mean: As always, one begins with doubt.
It starts here and elsewhere. With language, words, lyric.
All this is reminiscent of a lively child. All of this is reminiscent of a bridge
and the space between both sides.