The fortune you seek is in another cookie / 16mm / 5.1. Sound / 2014 / 81 min

The fortune you seek is in another cookie ist ein Reisefilm auf der Suche nach Glück in Form einer
poetische und politische Praxis. Das imaginäre Bild eines Karussells und das Bild einer Ungreifbarkeit
setzt der Filmemacher an den Anfang seiner Reise. Er begibt sich zu den Demonstrationen um den
Gezi Park in Istanbul, vor die Tore der Cinecittà in Rom und auf die Straßen von Santiago de Chile,
um schließlich in der Abgeschiedenheit der Atacamawüste und eines kalifornischen Trailerparks die
Beschreibung für eine universelle Sehnsucht aufzuspüren. Die Kollision von Bild, Text und Sound
findet ihre Entsprechung in der Konfrontation zueinander scheinbar konträrer Orte und Szenerien.
Der Tanz des Teufels trifft auf das Schwelgen in astronomischer Genauigkeit, den Tod und das
Rauschen des Meeres. Der Film ist eine Sternschau und Sinnsuche. Es ist eine Montage einer
mehrjährigen Reise, welche die subjektive Sicht des Filmemachers auf die Welt beschreibt.

The fortune you seek is in another cookie a dizzying journey around the world in search for happiness
as a poetic and political practice. The filmmaker finds himself at the protests in and around Gezi Park,
Istanbul, in front of the gates of the Cinecitta in Rome and the streets of Santiago de Chile. Whether
in the Atacama desert or a trailer park in California, he attempts to find a description of the universal
longing. The collision of image, text and sound finds its counterpart in the seemingly contrary locations
and scenes. The Devil's Dance meets the indulgence of astronomical precision and death at the foot
of an ocean. The film is stargazing and a quest for meaning.It is a montage of a multi-year excursion
that describes the subjective view of the world according to the traveler.

Mads Mikkelsen - CPH:DOX 2014 Copenhagen
'The Fortune You Seek is in Another Cookie' is a dizzying experience in the essayistic tradition of
Chris Marker and the early explorers. A film for anyone who yearns to see the world anew.'

Pamela Cohn - Senses of Cinema
'A lusciously shot journey filled with nostalgic yearning, an invisible narrator leads us on a quest
for the ever-elusive sensation of happiness.'

Award for Best Feature at Docutiff Tirana - Jury Statement
'The fortune you seek is in another cookie' a great cinematographic journey searching meaning
of life and dead, past and future. It is a reflection of the relationship between human being and
the universe. A very honest intensive and serious artwork.'

Indonesia Media Arts Festival
'The artwork is a poetic reflection on everything abstract, as it politically echoing the yearning
of seeing the world with a new way: happiness is a long journey in defining the anxiety towards
the world itself.'

Ö1-Talentscholarship for Arts - Jury Statement
'The fortune you seek is in another cookie“ is a successful cinematic linking of different places,
actions and times in search for happiness'

Cinema Next Austria - Dominik Tschütscher
'A sensual essay on the question that we ask ourselves quite often : What, where and how is happiness?'

Francesco Cazzin - L’ emergere del possibile
‘The fortune you seek is in another cookie’ is a start, […] and it beginns after the end, after a
disaster and catastrophe: from the urban riots in the Turkey up to the Chilean desert through
occupied Cinecittà.’

Doku.Arts Film Festival Zeughauskino Berlin
‘The film fascinates with the mimetic quality that the movement of its search displays; it appears
as an attempt to assimilate oneself to the object one beholds. Whenever Gierlinger’s gaze turns
towards another human being, his search turns out to be not only personal but also a poetic-political practise.’

Austrian Film Commission - Interview by Karin Schiefer Click here

Written and directed by Johannes Gierlinger

Concept by Johannes Gierlinger & Jan Zischka Editing by Johannes Gierlinger Cinematography
by Johannes Gierlinger & Jan Zischka Music by Peter Kutin and Dirac Sound Design by Peter Kutin
Voice over by Stephen Mathewson Translation by Noah Huber Color Grading by Stefan Wascher
Technical Support by Claudio Santancini Sound on Location by Johannes Gierlinger, Michel Jimenez,
Jan Zischka Production Manager Chile Michel Jimenez Produced by Johannes Gierlinger

Supported by
Land Salzburg, Stadt Salzburg, Wien Kultur, Cineart Styria, Stadt Graz, Österreichisches Filminstitut,
Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien,

Festival Distribution supported by East Silver Caravan

NOW available at Doc Alliance Films - The clock is ticking outside of space: Lessons in cinema philosophy

∣ Festivals ∣

CPH:DOX Copenhagen - Dox:Award Competition - World Premiere 2014, Denmark

East Silver Market - Jihlava 2014 , Czech Republik

Docutiff Tirana - Award for Best Feature 2015, Albania

Transcinema Festival Internacional de No-ficción​ Lima 2015, Peru

BIFF - Brasília International Film Festival 2015, Brazil

Documentarist Istanbul Film Festival 2015, Turkey

FFD - Festival Film Dokumenter Yogyakarta 2015, Indonesia

FICIFF Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de La Plata 2015, Argentina

Indonesia Media Arts Festival - Jakarta 2015, Indonesia

Festival Der Neue Heimatfilm 2015, Austria

IBAFF Festival Internacional de Cine de Murcia 2016, Spain

City Screen Festival Barcelona - Espai 10 - 2016, Spain

WUFF Filmfestival Wellington - Opening Film 2016, New Zealand

Marfici - Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Mar del Plata 2016, Argentina

Doku.Arts - Essaydox Berlin, 2016, Germany

XII Panorama Internacional Coisa de Cinema - Salvador, Bahia, 2016, Brazil

Pravo Ljudski Film Festival Sarajevo, 2016, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Unexposed Festival 2017, USA

∣ Awards ∣

Docutiff Tirana - Award for Best Feature 2015, Albania

Ö1 Talentscholarship for Arts, 2015, Austria

∣ Exhibitions ∣ Solo Screenings ∣

MoCA - Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje 2020, North-Macedonia - Solo (upcoming)

Werkschau - Flanieren. Erinnern. Träumen at Das Kino Salzburg 2019, Austria

Lebanese Biennale of Contemporary Art - MACAM 2017, Lebanon

Nocturnal reflections - Macao nuovo centro per le arti di Milano 2017, Italy (Solo)

The Reading Room Bangkok 2017, Thailand

Artefact Moscow 2017, Russia

Cinema Next Vienna - Top Kino, 2016, Austria

Darb 1718 - Contemporary Art and Culture Center Cairo, 2016, Egypt (Solo)

Cinema Next Salzburg - Das Kino, 2016, Austria (Solo)

Viennacontemporary Cinema Program, 2016, Austria

Das Kino Salzburg - Cinema Release - 16 - 21. January 2016, Austria (Solo)

Kino Klap Bratislava - 2016, Slovakia (Solo)

Aquehonga Cinema NY - Staten Island Arts 2016, USA (Solo)

Filmnacht Galerie Blaugelbezwettl, Austria 2016

Documentary Monday - Kinosvetozor Prague, 2016, Czech Republik (Solo)

Dok Artist Space - Edinburgh, 2016, UK (Solo)

Kino Palais - Palacio Nacional de las Artes - Buenos Aires, 2016, Argentina

FOL - Cinema Society Istanbul 2015, Turkey (Solo)

Cine Odean - Rio de Janeiro 2015, Brazil

Austrian Cultural Forum, 2015, New Delhi - India (Solo)

Kunstforum BA Vienna - Tresor - Ö1 Talentscholarship, 2015, Austria

∣ Broadcast ∣

Broadcast at Okto TV Oktoscop